Help, my child won’t sleep in their bed!

They say children can sleep in their own room from 6 months… Most never do this! Not because their child will protest but because the parent is scared witless. By time you feel comfortable to allow your child to sleep in their own room, usually around 2 or 3 years old if not older, they often are reluctant to want to.

Childhood is a path of new experiences most of which are scary for our little ones (and us parents) From the first day at a new nursery to the first night in a new bedroom, fear of the unknown seeps in. A excellent way to reassure your little one is a story about the eventuality. Local bookstores and libraries provide useful books that you can use to prepare your child (and yourself) for the step ahead. Books available include: ‘I Love to Sleep in My Own Bed’, ‘A Bed of My Own’, ‘It’s Time to Sleep In Your Own Bed’, and more.

Sharing stories about common sleep challenges helps kids feel less alone, transforming prickly problems into fun experiences in family problem-solving. A bed time story about sleeping – what a brilliant idea 😉




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