YOU are beautiful… YOU sleep…. YOU dream…. YOU have an identity… YOU are loved… by YOU!

Keisha Collette introduces bedding and soft furnishing that celebrates identity!
YOU! Launched in 2014 by Keisha Collette to fulfill a dream and more importantly a gap in the commercial market. Keisha is a mother to three beautiful daughters, BA Marketing and Advertising graduate and, entrepreneur.

The Dream..
To expand the bedding and soft furnishing markets and offer choice different from the status quo by the introduction of print fabrics that celebrate diverse ethnicity. The dream is to build self love and worth of children from multicultural backgrounds and beyond through identity-loving designs that showcase images of people from dual heritage, black and Asian descents. YOU Bedding is an inclusive brand our range displays images of brown skinned fairies, ballerinas and more.

“This creation of bedding has been a long-time in the pipeline, it is something I have wanted to do since having my first child sixteen years ago” says Keisha Collette. “Since my own childhood I have long recognized that black, Asian and mixed raced skin tones have not been represented in the way that we deserve. YOU! celebrates diversity, it is for me and for you.. for all children inclusive of children of colour.”

The need for products that reflect dual heritage, black and Asian descents is steadily growing on our multicultural planet Keisha Collette Designs is driven to provide products that meet this growing demand.

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